Use of DB Insert

Hello, everyone! The Batch Size of the Db Insert component is set to 1000, and the sql statement will be insert into table values(),(),()… Is that so?

Hello @18173042615 ,

I did not clearly understand your question. If you want to know what Batch size means, then,

Batch size in the DB Insert node is defined like this,

  • Batch size
    Enter a number greater than 0 for the number of rows inserted in one batch job. Entering 1 disables batch processing, so only one row is processed at a time.


Hello @sanket_2012 In the database, one item is inserted at a time and multiple items are inserted at a time. Is the batch processing here inserted multiple items at a time? That is, is an sql statement inserted multiple pieces of data

Hi @18173042615 ,
This means KNIME sends 1000 rows at a time to the DB server for processing, which, in this scenario, inserts them into the DB.

Does this answer your question?


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