Use of REGEX splitter

Hello community,
I am struggling with the REGEX splitter. I have a string and I want to split this into one new column.
Here is an example string:
“Real specification is created as per the BBE request.
NPDI#100000000000000460142023;Text added by,20231124,09:20:25”

I need to split off the number “100000000000000460142023” only. The number is always at least 20 digits. So this should be in a new column independent were the number is in the string.
I tried already ^[^0-9]+(\d{20,})(.*) but this is not splitting correctly in all case.

Can someone help a regex noob :slight_smile:

If you only want to extract this one number, you can also use the String Manipulation node with this expression:

regexReplace($column$, ".*[^0-9]([0-9]{20,}).*", "$1")

I think the problem with your regex is that it does not allow any number until your target number appears. In my regex, I say you can have anything, then not a number, then your target number, then anything again.
Hope this helps!

Thanks that works for entries that have the number. But I have also rows where the number is not in the string. In this case the output should be empty. I could solve this with a rule engin afterwords but would be great to have this in one step.

In that case you can use the Regex Split with exactly the same regex. It will return a missing value if the number is not present.
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