Use of the parameter for the named workflow credential


I've created an iframe linking directly to the single frame of a workflow. That all works fine. In addition to this i would like to have the username and the password pre populated. However i am not sure how to use the parameter named workflow credentials:

&cr: = : - Set credentials: Sets the user name and password for the named workflow credentials. Please note that the credentials and user name cannot contain the “=” and “:” symbols and that the password is transmitted in plain text.

There is no explanation in the documentation what is meant by it and in the example it is not used. Can anybody help me how to use this parameter?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Albert,

following the example URL in the documentation, the use of the parameter could be:

demo/file%20to%20csv &wv:title=foo
&cr:name=user:password &run &single

Please note that this parameter is only supported for regular or legacy Quickform execution. It will not work anymore once you use wrapped metanodes, the new Quickforms or JavaScript views in your workflow. As of server version 4.3 you should use the Credentials Quickform instead and if you want to prepopulate the values, use


where name is the unique parameter name set in the configuration of the Quickform node.

Kind regards,

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply, although i stll do not understand how to set the paramater for the named workflow credentials. Do I just convert to name and fill in the desired username and password?



Hi Albert,

for example, if your credential variable is called DBCred your username is MrBlond and the password is secret you would use:


Best, Iris