Use read excel sheet names to read a list of 21 files


i try to explain my problem.
I have a list of xy file which have some sheets called always in the same way (e.g. a,b,c,d) but for example file 1 only have “a” and “d”, file 2 only have “a” , “b”, and “d”, file 3 only have “b” etc. etc.

The target is to create a workwflow that ends in an excel writer with 4 sheets (a, b , c, d) that concatenate all the contents from the various file

i found only this solution (deprecated, i did in a past work) but with this i have the list of all the sheet name, i would like to create a wf picking all the content in the sheet and concatenate

Thanks for helping


@Pippobaudo89 you could take a look at these four examples as a start.

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You could further also specify the sheet you want to read inside the excel reader, either manually or via flow variable
e.g. reading first all the "a"s an concatenate them and write them to the excel output and then (next loop the b sheets, … . (Use sheet append for the final output excel writer node)

yeah, but not all sheet are included in all files. For example, if i want to concatenate all the sheet “a”, i have to pick from file 1-4-6-9 and 20 that are the only file which have the sheet “a” on it. So with the excel reader i can t because give me error (not all file contains “a” sheet)

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