Use SharePoint Online instead of Download(legacy) and Upload(legacy)

Hi All

Current my KNIME use “Download(legacy) and Upload(legacy)” to pick and upload data to SharePoint.
Then I’m trying replacing new nodes instead of them .

However, I’m stuck in (1)How to write down “URL”," Working directory" in SharePoint Online Connector node.
(2) How I should input “File” in Excel Writer." since error message "Some folders in the path are missing.

I read KNIME File Handling Guide, but I could not figure out. Is there any example workflow?

Hi Erisu,

In order to write data to SharePoint, you can set up your workflow like this:

(1) The “URL” and the “Working Directory” can be provided in the “SharePoint Online Connector” node in the following way:

(2) In the Excel Writer, please enable the “File System Connection” port by clicking on the > three dots (bottom left of the node)> Add ports> File System Connection and provide the connection.

Please note that the “Working Directory” in the “SharePoint Online Connector” node will provide the path for the “Excel Writer”, however the path can also be defined explicitly inside the “Excel Writer”.

You can refer to the following example on KNIME Hub:

Please let me know if this solves your issue.

Best Regards


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