Use two columns to get the parent code

I have below table, where I have to get the parent position code which is in red color using the position name and position version columns. Take a look at the bold lines where two position names have the same parent position name but identically they are different (look at their names Paul and David ) So i need to get the correct parent name as the parent position code and I do not know how get this. Could somebody help with this query please as this is an urgent matter?

KNIME HELP.xlsx (10.7 KB)

I’m sorry, but after reading through this several times I can’t make heads or tails of your question. Part of the problem is that you are using different terms in your description from what appears in the headers of the table, and the header names are all quite similar to one another.

Could you rephrase your question more precisely? Also, what is the exact output you expect in this situation?


Hi @psycho , just like your previous thread, you are not providing enough info about the logic to use here.

As per @ScottF , it is also not clear what you are looking for. If it is the parentPositionID that you are looking for, can you walk us through how Paul got 456 and how David got 112?

And while I see that same positionName can have different positionID (such as we can see with Manager, Director for example), it looks like there is also the case of where the same positionID is used for different positionName (567 for example is sed for Assistant-Analyst and also for Director). Is that normal?


This looks like multiple different tables mashed up, which is adding to the confusion. Are you pre-combining several different tables into 1 with column appends before uploading this? It is really hard to see which columns were supposed to hold a relationship with each other this way. If you have them as separate tables originally, then please upload it that way. It will be much clearer to an outsider how they might be joined for your use case.

@psycho, I’m afraid I am as baffled as the others. It’s great that you uploaded the sample data file (which is always helpful), but it is difficult to know in this case whether this data file is the source, the expected results, or a partial result or as @iCFO suggested a combination of several data files put together…

What baffled me more though was when I looked at the data file and saw that “CE0” in the positionName and that rang bells. I knew @Bruno29a had commented on something similar in the last few days. I know this is slightly different from this question, but I can’t work out what you are now needing that maybe isn’t already answered here:

How come you still have the error CE0 vs CEO in your data, which @bruno29a suggested a correction to? Was it not an error?? It looks like it is. Would it not be best to correct that before moving to the next question?

I am sure that KNIME can do what you need to solve this problem, but when trying to seek help from others on “urgent matters”, it really does pay to calmly and clearly explain exactly what you are trying to do, and to provide a clear explanation of what your data sample represents.


So well articulated as usual @takbb, we miss your posts


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