use variable as sheet names in the one loop

APAC Operation Report.knwf (92.3 KB)


Hello, in my case I would like to extract the “Month info.” from one cell as varibale to name the sheet afterwads, I build the varibale connection, but, in the Node “excel writer” the varibale is missing to select,I no’t sure if this is the best way, would you please advise? thank you!

Hello @Tigerfox,

I think you haven’t clicked the option of propagate modified loop variables in the Loop End node.


See if it works…

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I find the solution maybe by coincidence, it works now. here is my solution with a cell extractor as variable to rename the sheet names.

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thank you, it’s not the point, and I make it work now, pls find my solution as following.

Thanks for sharing your solution.

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