Use Variable To Lock the Configuration of Unpivoting Node

Dear all,

There is a challenge I met again, thanks in advance anyone can light the inspiration.
My target is to apply a loop the unpivoting the table, like below

1 2
Target table:

I used Table Column To Variable to create the column that I want to kept like below:

And also configure the unpivoting node as below:

To use the Variable control the column I want, in the Unpivoting’s flow Variable configure, I set as below try to lock the Volume Columns – Exclude part & Retained Columns – Include part

However it seems that the two parts is not locked, still some extra columns will appear in unpivoting result.

Is there any wrong configuration on the unpivoting flow variable setting ?


Hi there,
I find a potential solution to choose the 'enforce ’ function, however, if the I do not choose this function, is there any solution that use variable to contorl the unpivoting function ?
thank you

Hi Kevin,

could you please provide a minimal example workflow that demonstrates your problem?