Use workflow in multiple other workflows

Hi community,

I use an external source of data that is regularly updated. I download and process these updates in a workflow. This information should serve as input (to filter out irrelevant records) in many other workflows.
Now I am looking for a way to use this first workflow as a ‘sort of metanode’ in the second workflow. I want to keep one single source of truth and because the external source I am using is updated regularly, just copy-pasting the nodes from the first workflow into a new workflow is not an ideal option. I also want to prevent that I am importing the same external source in many future workflows, creating duplications and using lots of disk space.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance for your answers!


Hello @mldendulk,

what about writing input data locally using Table Writer node for example? If you always write to the same location then configuring Table Reader node with it in other workflows should work just fine.

If that is not possible and/or you have a bit more complicated process then a you can try orchestrating your process and forwarding your data using Call Workflow nodes:



Thanks for you answer, Ivan.
For now I’ve decided to export as CSV and overwrite every time. This way I keep a single source of truth and it was the easiest solution close to what I want.


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