User File Selection


I have created a workflow that compares two files. I would like to pass this workflow to another member of my department who has no knowledge of Knime.

My intention is to update the workflow to allow the user to select the two files they want to match (via a component) but I am struggling with which node to use to allow them to select the files.

I have tried “file upload widget” but this creates a temporary file which causes an error later in the workflow where it takes the uploaded file path and creates a save directory.

“File chooser” widget doesn’t give me what I need either.

Is there a way this can be done?


Hello @fostc80857,

you can try Local File Browser Configuration node. Maybe it will work for you.

If possible I would configure process in a way that user(s) copy files they want to compare in a data folder within workflow and then with List Files/Folders node you point to that location. That doesn’t require user to interact with KNIME and choose files with it. However this requires copy/paste and keeping location clean.



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