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Just started using KNIME.

I have a basic question. Do we have a node which can accept user inputs like the way it happens in an html form?

I have developed a flow which reads a bunch of txt files, loops through them, runs a Rule Engine and then writes to a CSV. Everything works fine.

But we have to input the location of the below 2 in seperate nodes

1. The Bunch of txt files (in List if Files node)

2. The final CSV file in (CSV Writer) 

What i was looking for was to show a form(or a dialog window maybe) which captures both these user inputs at the begining and then passes it along the workflow and use it where ever required.



Hi singhmanas,


One way to accomplish that:


You install the "quickform" plugin on your KNIME ("File" > "Install KNIME Extensions" > "KNIME Nodes to create KNIME Quick Forms"). This plugin comes along with an execution-wizard which allows you (after adding the corresponding "File Upload" Nodes) to handle them the way you want.


Adding a place for the final file (to my knowledge) is not done that easily. You could make a String-Input-Node with a default value of "C:\Users\[Insert name of User here]\Desktop\FINAL_CSV_FILE" (under Windows), which could be manipulated later on. This would serve as a variable for the CSV-Writer node.


This requires your colleagues to insert a coherent value each time, the form is reset (which needs to be done every time, you want to execute the form).

I hope that helps.


With kind regards,


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Hi Gaegamel,

Thanks for the help.

Let me try out what you have suggested.