User Input for a trained model

I have a trained RF model. What is the preferred way to execute this model to a new dataset entered by a person (for presentation purpose).
I’m looking for something, where the user can enter in a user friendly form one test data record. In the best case the data can be also restricted based on possible category values.
Any ideas?

Hi @h2mch. Do you want your user to input an example to apply the RF model or a file with a set of examples?

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hi @iperez, not really a user. I would like to present the model at a presentation to non-technical people.
An input in Excel f.e. and then switch to KNIME and start a workflow does not give you the seamless wow-effect.

@h2mch I do agree!. Maybe a Table Creator node would be the easiest way

Depending on how you want to set up the “show” :grinning: you could also use the table editor if you have installed the KNIME JavaScript Views extension

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