User interaction node

Hi guys =) 

I'm actually working on a workflow and I'm trying to do something that maybe is impossible. 

I'm reading data from a database and doing something with them. Then, I'm using my results to populate some columns of a table. My problem is that I would like to populate the other columns with some informations that change every time the workflow is executed. In particular I would like to find a node which allow an interaction with the user who is running the workflow. So, this user can choose some values from a drop down menu and then the table is filled with them.

Is there a node which can help me? 


Thank you




I think you are looking for the Quickform nodes. With the quickform nodes you can define your own node. And the user than can use it. The values of the quickforms are provided via flow variables which you can use as configuration in the nodes.

Would this work for you?

Cheers, Iris