User interface to present workflow results



I would be interested what approaches are taken to present workflow results (charts, grafiks, tag clouds) etc. to the end user.

Interesting would be what tools and architecture is used in order to provide navigation for an business end user (eg. drill down to see details of one chart segment, restrict data to one date range) and (re-) execute a workflow.

Thanks for any ideas, suggestions and experiences.



The Analytics Platform (= the open source client) supports interactive highlighting on the built-in views. But it doesn's sounds as if this what you are looking for?

For business end users, we offer enterprise tools that augment the open source platform - the WebPortal allows to deploy analytical workflows to end users via an easy to use web interface. In fact, the addition of the new JavaScript (Quickform) Nodes enables you to expose all sorts of interactive visualizations to those users and we are actively adding more interaction capabilities to steer (partial) execution of KNIME workflows.



Is it possible to interract with nodes using a traditional web server/page?

I have an application to build using free open source material, but the use of the Knime Web Portal would break that rule. So do you have a solution to have non technical user interract with Knime nodes from a web page to make it simple?