User with german Umlaut fails to connect to KNIME Server from Knime Analytics Platform


since usernames containing umlauts work with out test-system, there should be no problem configuring them the same way on the production system , but there is.

The user let’s call him Kühne.Martin can connect to the production system’s Knime Webportal, but not using Knime Analytics Platform 4.2.0.
Installing a older Version Knime Analytics Platform 4.0.1 lead to the same problem.
The user has a license to use Knime Analytics Platform , which means he is not in the consumer group.
If remembering correctly ; in Knime Analytics Platform: first it’s checked whether the user has valid login credentials , then if he has a user license .
He gets the following error message in Knime Analytics Platform:
User Kühne.Martin cannot be authenticated , probably the password is wrong.
If some consumer does try to connect:
An unknown errror has occured. Please retry to login.
If this message keeps showing up again … → knime.log
… And in this case knime.log shows up the real reason , why he is not allowed to connect
: Account ‘Somebody.Else’ is not allowed to log in. Account is not in the list of allowed user login groups or account names.
But User Kühne.Martin should be allowed to use Knime Analytics Platform.

Is there a character-set setting in knime analytics platform , that I overlooked?

Greetings B.Kochs


There are two relevant defects for this issue.

SRV-3387 - Username/Passwords with umlauts not handled properly when using form authentication on the webportal (resolved)
SRV-3392 - Can’t login from AP if user or password contains umlaut (open)

SRV-3392 hasn’t been resolved yet, but there is a workaround:

Add the parameter ‘-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8’ (without the quotes) to the knime.ini file on the client (AP) side.

Please let us know if this workaround works for your user, and if you have any additional questions on the topic.



your advice worked.
It was inserted at the ende of the knime.ini File after -vm
The User with Umlauts could login via Knime Analytics Platform and his user directory under Workflow/Users was create (also containing Umlauts).




Thank you for the follow-up, and I’m glad that it worked!


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