Uset Java IF after a Loop Start

Hi all,

  I'm using a Java IF node after a Loop Start. The condition of Java IF evaluates the currentColumnName variable that the Loop Start node generates.

  Sometimes this nodes are in a inactive branch and, so, the Loop Start output is inactive. But the Java IF node still try to evaluate the condition and throw a error like this:

  No such variable "currentColumnName" of type STRING

  This is because the currentColumnName doesn't exist when the Loop node is inactive.

  I would like to avoid the Java IF node evaluation when the branch is inactive, or any other solution to solve the problem.

  Thank you for your help.


Hi Andreu,

Sorry for our silence and thanks for reporting this. We have fixed the problem. The fix will be available with KNIME v2.5.2


Hi Andreu,

not being a great java user, could you post a very simple yet educational example of implementation of a java if node in an exploration loop? I'm looking for things like do I need to declare something, how do I install the code etc..


thank you