Using a specific cell content to populate columns


I am new user on KNIME and I do not find on the forum how to populate a column with the same string value extracted from a specific cell in a CSV file.

In the loop, the string to be extracted is always at the same location (not in a header) and I would like to save this string as a "variable" and populate a column with this value - to combine it with another table afterwards.

Thanks in advance for your valuable help,



Hi Simon,

so where is the String? Do you read it? I unfortunately don't fully understand.

Maybe the Table row to Variable or the Java Edit Variable nodes can help you?

Best, Iris


Thanks for your reply Iris.

The string is in a csv table and looks like :

name, bob

surname, thebuilder

age, 15

I would like to repeat the information bob, the builder and 15 under the "name", "surname" and "age" columns in another csv file. Something like :

subject, mark, name, surname, age

maths, B, bob, builder, 15

sport, C, bob, builder, 15


I do not know the table to variable node; I will have a look! I am not familiar with Java...

Hope it is clearer.

Thanks again for your help,


Hi Simon, no my guess was wrong.

You need to read the csv file, transform it into a row wise table (so having bob, builder, 15 in one row) and afterwards use a joiner.

If you want to join the complete first table to this information you can use the cross joiner node.

Best, Iris