Using a string flow variable (with a date formated like yyyy-MM-dd) as default value for Date&Time Input Quickform

Hi all.

I would like to achieve something similar to what was described in this topic:

Use Variable in Date Input

I would like to use a string flow variable (like ‘2018-0801’) as the default value of a Date&Time Input operator. I have tested a lot but without any success until now.

Tanks in advance.

Hi @jricgar,

The Date&Time Input quickform needs a full timestamp including timezone as input flow variable to control the default value (e.g. 2018-08-01T14:10:57.311+02:00[Europe/Berlin] ). This is regardless of whether you only want a date or date and time.

In your case, you could use String Manipulation to e.g. create 2018-08-01T00:00:00.000+02:00[Europe/Berlin]. The format has to match this, even though you are not interested in the full time.

Hope that helps!



Thanks. Your suggested solution worked perfectly.