Using Add Port as a concatenation

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I have found an option of adding new ports to the Node.
Here I have question, if I can add the port to the current node can it work as Concatenation function?

I have attached the example that I m testing now.
If it works, it will be best option for many changes=)
Testing Adding Input.knwf (19.4 KB)

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Good Day Karlygash

It seems to be the case :blush: from what it is said in the Hub:

If more than one input table is available the node concatenates all input rows into a single result table. If the input tables contain the same row ID the node can either generate a new row ID or prepend the input table index to the original row ID of the corresponding input table.

and your example shows it perfectly. The answer is in your example so you could check your post as the solution :wink: !

Thanks for sharing this information with the forum.

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@aworker good day=)

Thank you very much ! Have a wonderful day :blush:


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