Using Auto-Binner with PMML


I have a data processing flow which I want to export to PMML.

It includes an "Auto-Binner" node, which has an output of "PMML Model fragment". What node can I connect it to? The "PMML Transformation Appender" does not accept this type of input.

Can it be connected to another transformation? Like in the "String To number" node, which says "If the optional PMML inport is connected and contains preprocessing operations in the TransformationDictionary the conversion operations of this node are appended." I did not see where this hidden inport is.

I did not find any documentation regrading these, so would appreciate any help here.

Thank you,


Colleagues, I really did not find any documentation for this, even a reference would help a lot thanks!

Really looking forward to following the PMML path to deploying ML pipelines to prod ! :-)


Hi Noam,

the label on the Auto-Binner's output port seems to be wrong. This is definitely no PMML. If you use the Numeric Binner (PMML) instead, you could use it together with a PMML Transformation Appender. Is that possible for you?

The String to Number (PMML) works the same way. To see how connect PMML nodes, please have a look here: