Using column values in another SQL query

I am trying to use column value of one table in another SQL query as a flow variable . Something like below:
I have a table db1 which has column instance_id(of type string) and have converted into flow variable now I want to run another query like
Select * from db2table where serial in (instance_id)
my query looks like
select R.ex_no from
db2table R
where R.ext_no in β€˜$${S@ins_id}$$’

but getting error in the node -'there is no such variable like @ins_id but if we use without @, I get parantheses error.

Screen shots are attached

I don’t think you can use a flow variable with multiple values as operand of an IN-statement like that. Could you maybe instead use a nested query here? Like that:
SELECT R.ex_no FROM db2table R WHERE R.ext_no IN (SELECT instance_id FROM ___ WHERE ___)
You can use the DB Query node to construct such a query.
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Hi there @analytics_sharma,

if I got you right have a look at Parameterized DB Query Reader node.


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