Using Flow Variable with Google Analytics Query


My goal is to pull a “user explorer”-like table of certain users, but I am having trouble converting and using each row of users as a flow variable in a google analytics query.

So far I have a query to pull a list of those users by a custom dimension ID, and a GroupBy to ensure a list of unique users. After that is a Table Row to Variable Loop Start to pull each row in that list to use as a variable.
Then I connected that flow variable to a Google Analytics Query, but I don’t see how I can use it as a filter to only pull those entries for that user in each loop. I’d rather not pull the full table of all users and use a row filter to sort out each of the users, as that seems backwards.

Any ideas or help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi there!

Not so much acquainted with Google Analytics but there is a filter filed in Google Analytics Query node with should do the trick I guess. Under flow variable tab you can control its value. Have you tried it? Also from node description here is example how filter should look like: country==Canada