using flow variables directly within node's configuration textfields

I am new to Knime (but farely experienced using Pipeline Pilot) and I am wondering if there is a way to just concatenate a String and a variable “on the fly”, in order to configure a node.
For exemple, I want to send REST queries, with a fixed $${baseURL}$$ and the right suffix.
I don’t want to need the “String manipulator” to do the concatenation, I would like to type in directly in the URL field:

Is that something I missed or is it clearly not possible?

Hi there @diyoyo,

you haven’t missed anything. This is not possible. Flow variable needs to be defined prior node in which is supposed to be used. Way additional node is unwanted?


Hi, $$baseURL$$ is declared before, but the new string $$baseURL$$/My_Action?key=value is not.
It’s not that it is unwanted, it is just that it makes the workflow heavy, adding very simple nodes for nothing.
My example was about $$baseURL$$, but many times it is more about some data that comes out of a rest call. For example, I perform a GET, then I get a UUID, which I need to parse from the JSON. Then I need to extract this data and put it as a flow variable, and then I need to build the new REST url, by including $$baseURL$$ and this new UUID.

If inline concatenation were possible, I could just link the data out of the JSON Path node to the GET node, and have my new GET’s URL be declared like this : $${baseURL}$$/myquery/$UUID$/?args

Hi there @diyoyo,

tnx for additional explanation. Still it is only node one extra node (String Manipulation (Variable)) but agree this would be a nice feature. Especially for some nodes. Will forward it and let’s see!

EDIT: Feature request created (internal reference: AP-13988)



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