Using Flow Variables in the "Duration" option of a Date&Time Shift node

Probably a very basic question regarding using Flow Variables for an option field in the Options tab for a module, but I’ve been stumped on it for a while.

I created a flow that extracts the time zone offset of the system the workflow is running on and I wanted to use it in a “Date&Time Shift” node’s “Shift Value Selection” -> “Use Duration” -> “Duration Value”, but I can’t seem to figure out how to find the “Duration Value” in the node’s Flow Variables.

I’m VERY new to flow variables so I was watching a tutorial video on how to accomplish this:
and the instructor shows how to find the options field in the Flow Variables tab when there is no “Flow Variable Settings” button/option. For the life of me, I can’t find any of the “Duration” options under the Flow Variables tab. I can see the col_select options which make sense, the “Replace Append” options are there, and even the Numerical selections for the Shift Value Selection section, but no Duration options? Does it use a different name? Is it not available to Flow Variables? I’m just finding the naming of the Option fields in the Flow Variables tab very confusing.

I’d appreciate any help, thanks.


Ok, I figured it out using trial and error. Duration Value = period_value. It would be really nice if the naming between labels and flow variables were consistent, or even better, having a mouseover tag that would pull the flow variable option name for the field/option and display it to the user.


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