Using Image Writer node within a loop

Hi again,

I'm trying to use the image writer node in a loop but it doesn't seem to work at all. I created different 3D-labels in a loop that I would like to save as image stacks after they have been converted using the labeling to image node. I included an image writer node in the loop but the images are not saved when the loop steps are executed. Of course I could connect the Image writer node to the output of the loop end node and save the images in one step at the end but I was wandering if there is a way to do that within the loop? A screenshot of my workflow is attached.



Hi, You can try connecting the Image Writer node to the Loop End node using a Variable connection (red circles in corners). You don't need to configure any variables but creating that dependency should force the loop to wait for the write to finish. 


Hi Dave!

Thanks for the tip. It works well now. Since the "Group by" node always creates the same RowID in every loop run and because I initially used the RowID as the file name column in the image writer node I first had some problems but after I used the current iteration to create a new file name column everything worked smoothly. Thanks again!


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