Using K-nearest-neighbor. TUTOR WANTED

Hi all!

I am a student and I am really trying to work out this problem. I am tasked with using K-nearest-neighbor to execute some predictions on a dataset and I am unsure of how to do this. What is this node exactly doing for us and what would a workflow look like that uses this to make predictions and then shows the output of such predictions? I am very new to knime and the professor has not spoken directly of the software in any of the course content even though he has posed this assignment.

As well, if anyone in this community would be interested we have weekly exercises on this platform that we are not taught about. I would love to have a tutor that I could meet with over zoom once a week for the next couple of weeks to walk me through the use of this platform for the particular exercise. I would pay! (to be clear I am not looking for someone to do these assignments for me, instead I would like to be taught how since my professor doesn’t think it is necessary.)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Hope everyone and their loved ones are safe and well in these times.

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Hello @adrianamadison,

welcome to KNIME Community!

K Nearest Neighbor node classifies a set of test data based on the k Nearest Neighbor algorithm. More about node can be read from node description on KNIME Hub or from Description View within KNIME platform.

KNIME Hub is also a place where you can look for workflows (& more!). Here is the one which demonstrates how to use above mentioned node to do predictions on (well known) Iris data set:

As for learning KNIME (in case you don’t find a better tutor than your professor) here is link to KNIME learning page: KNIME Learning Center | KNIME

“There’s a variety of support material available: from books, courses (online, onsite, and self-paced), technical documentation, certification, and more.”

That’s nice to hear :+1: Good luck!



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