Using Knime 2.6.0/ update to win10 --> no database (oracle) connection possible

Hi everybody,
I am new here, so let me introduce myself briefly: Chemist working for an automotive company in southern Germany. Kind of nerdy, but not good with software at all :slight_smile:

I am using KNIME to evaluate fuel quality data. The reason we are using the same version for more than 10years now is, that the version was heavily adapted for our needs by some students who wrote their thesis on this. (We have like 20 specialized nodes.)

In the past, I never had a problem using a new PC wit a new version of windows. Now I got a new pc with win10 and I can’t extract the raw data from the database any more. The error I get is:
ERROR FuelSurveyReaderNodeModel No database connection possible - values for config dialog cannot be read!

So far I tried to get the latest oracle database drivers but it didn’t help. I pestered our IT-support, but they don’t use KNIME and couldn’t help.

I downloaded the latest drivers from Oracle, but I can’t add them in KNIME. What i have are these:

Sorry for not beng able to provide more detailed information, but I am not a software-guy…
Maybe this problem is known to somebody.



Hi there!

this FuelSurveyReaderNodeModel is node these students developed. It is a node for connection/reading from database? Where does he read this values for config dialog?

Try from there :wink: