Using KNIME in the Cloud

Is there a work around for licensing KNIME in the cloud where you want to automate its installation but clearly have no idea of MAC address/IP in advance not to mention the variety of SDN flavors available these days?

This is something I imagine an increasing number of KNIME users are keen to do. Obviously it is not about not purchasing licenses rather it is about having a more flexible licensing mechanism.



Yes, we are aware of this problem, but don't have a ready solution yet.

Which cloud infrastructure are you using? We need some kind of unique ID for an instance that never changes.

I made a short overview of the big 3 cloud veondors with regards to this same issue. I have not tested any of these yet.



Google Compute Engine:

So basically, Azure & AWS would require extra setup work, whereas Google CE would not.

I'm running our Knime server on Azure at the moment, for the simple reason that we already have a lot of other things on there. So far, I did not have to restart it, so the MAC is still the same. When (if!) I find some time, I will try the post I mentioned above to see if that actually works.



Many thanks for your reply. We are trying to automate the creation of KNIME-as-a-service for a client. This means that we don't want to do something manual everytime we launch a new service.

We are using Apache Brooklyn and the idea is to creat a KNIME blueprint. Any time we try to do this with an old school licensing model like KNIME either we have to introduce a manual step or know in advance the IP address (range) and request a license. Neither is very satisfactory.



One way to solve this issue would be to (optionally) delegate the licensed-or-not decision to a license server (using either something like FlexLM or an independent solution). This way, only the (small) machine running that server would have to have a fixed ID - it could even be hosted as a service by KNIME if the cloud nodes have internet access.