using knime projects without opening knime!


I created a simple molecule database using knime 2.0.3 and mysql (linux suse). Is there any possibility to ‘export’ my project so that I’m able to use it without opening knime? (main functions: reading and writing database information, each is a own project)
so to say I want my project(s) to be some kind of ‘stand alone application’ (maybe that’s the wrong keyword!?) . And I don’t always want to run knime in the standard operation mode when adding new molecules to my database!!

thanking you in anticipation,




I would like to do the same, but the link above doesnt exist any more. Where can I find this faq ?

I think it is this one now:

thx for the super fast answer. However, a batch mode is not what I am looking for. Can I somehow "call" from my own client - be it a remote call or local message call - a workflow, so it executes and I can fetch the results?