Using KNIME to read underlining XML data

I am using KNIME to read the underlining data of Tableau. I read the files using 'file reader' connected to a 'row splitter' to filter out the all the columns i want.

The columns read as "<column caption=New Business Growth datatype=real default-format=p0% name=[Parameter 1] param-domain-type=range role=measure type=quantitative value=0.40000000000000002>" 

I want to take that column and parse out different sections such as:

column caption=New Business Growth 

Datatype= real


type= quantitiave

quantitative value= 0.40000000000000002

I am having trouble parsing the column. I tried using the "string mananipulation" node, but could not figure out the correct way to write the expression to obtain my desired outcome.

Thanks for any and all help!



is there are reason you don't use the XML Reader for this task?

Best, Iris 



I tried using the XML reader node, but when i tried connecting a row splitter to it, I had trouble parsing out the needed data. That is why I went w/ the file reader.


after reading the XML you need the XPath node.

Xpath is a query language for parsing XML. It is really nice to use it as you can select the part of your data you need and the node generates the code for you.

Best, Iris


Thank you for your help on this issue!