Using KNIME via X11 and Remote Server Leads to White Screen

Hello guys,

I am trying to run KNIME 5.1.1 on a remote Linux server, using X11 (VcXsrv) so I can interact with it on my Windows computer. Opening KNIME works fine at first, as I can see the loading screen and have the option of choosing my working directory. However, the main menu for KNIME loads at first and appears for a second, before it goes completely white and freezes. I’ve tried running it again with OpenGL acceleration but the error still occurs.

I would gladly appreciate any help with this error.

EDIT: This error appears in my server’s terminal:

(KNIME:84437): Gtk-WARNING **: 05:26:52.354: Negative content width -4 (allocation 14, extents 9x9) while allocating gadget (node entry, owner GtkEntry)
Could not determine the accessibility bus address