Using oAuth node for Google


Has anyone managed yet to use the oAuth node to authenticate with Google APIs such as Adwords?

Thank you

Hi every one

my first post so please forgive any mistake

i am not a tech guys so please consider it in the answers ;-)

I have the same issue and i'am trying to solve it with R source table node (script at the end) 

If i use it directyl from R it works fine, but in the knime node it stops at google_auth <- doAuth() line and knime crash and has to be restarted

My question are: is there a way to fix this procedure ? Is there another way to access adwords data directly from knime?

Any help would be much appreciated, Regards


i have a windows machine

library(RAdwords) api.adwords.refreshToken= 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

api.adwords.clientId=' 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

api.adwords.clientSecret= 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

api.adwords.developerToken= 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''

google_auth <- doAuth()

body <- statement(select=c('Field_1, 'Field_2' , ... , 'Field_n' ), report="REPORT_NAME", start="start_date", end="end_date")

report <- getData(clientCustomerId = 'my_id', google_auth=google_auth, statement=body)


Hi Raffaele,

better post this in the R subform. This area is specific for the Palladian extensions and the Palladian OAuth node.

In case you want to give the Palladian OAuth node a try, you'll probably need to install the Palladian Plugins from the Community Contributions. A general example for OAuth with Palladian is available here.

-- Philipp

Many thanks Philipp,

i will do both, re-post in right place and try to learn the Palladian OAuth




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