Using older OMERO.insight client(s)


Is there a way for end-user to control the version of OMERO.insight used by OMERO Reader KNIP node? We are running an older version of OMERO Server (ver. 4.4) and the current OMERO reader can't connect due version mismatch.



Hi Reddy,

I could cut a special release for you if you want. Which OMERO do you need?

Christian -

That would be great! 

Our OMERO server is based on base release 4.4 -- it is proprietary so ain't sure if the vanilla release is modified. So we can try with with OMERO.insight ver 4.4

But a more general question would be if end-users can easily select/configure the OMERO.insight version other than (re)building OMERO reader KNIP node. Just curious.




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