Using RSS Feed Reader to extract Reddit articles

Hey there, KNIMErs :slight_smile:

I read through “from words to wisdom” (amazing book btw :metal:) and very early on it speaks about importing RSS feeds as data sources.

I tried with the “generic ones” like news sites and they all work fine. But imagine a use case where I “crawl” certain (sub)reddit feeds. This is interesting in so far that I want to get a feeling “what is happening” in my niche using some kind of data analytics / automation.

Let’s say for example I want to collect the latest content from the Minecraft subreddit (just as an example, this is NOT my niche and unfortunately I don’t get paid for playing Minecraft - but I digress :wink:) via this RSS feed:

According to this article (on reddit) and this manual (also on reddit) I get a valid RSS feed. However the RSS feed reader always returns missing values (see screenshot).

Is it because there is an issue with the node itself (see this forum post) or am I just doing something wrong??

Thank you in advance!

rss-feed-reader-minecraft.knwf (6.9 KB)

Hi there,

ff you want to give Palladian’s Feed Parser a try, it’ll parse the feed just fine:

Link to the workflow:

– Philipp


perfect, works like a charm. :slight_smile:

And it’s super easy…

btw, tested RSS feed through this page

If you want to get the max number of items, just add ?limit=100 to the query…

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