Using Rule Engine for Tagged terms


I am working on a project to perform sentiment analysis on data gathered from Twitter using KNIME. Although I am new to the application I somehow succeded in processing the data and tagging the terms based on a sentiment dictionary as Positive and Negative. I need to assign values (-1 and 1) to these tagged terms using Rule Engine. Could someone please help me out with this?



I assume that you applied the Docitionary tagger to tag terms with positive and negative tags. Next use the General Tag Set Filter and filter out all term that have _not_ been tagged, to reduce the amount of terms / data. Then Bag Of Words Creator->Terms to String->Tags to Strings (extract Sentiment tags)->Pivoting (group by terms as string, pivots are extracted tags (as string))->Missing Value (replace missings with 0)->Rule Engine.

The trick is the Pivot node.

Cheers, Kilian