Using SDF Reader on remote FTP files

Hello all, I have been wondering is there a way to use “SDF Reader” node with FTP files.
Currently I am using “FTP Connector” and “Transfer Files” nodes to copy the files from the FTP system to my local file system and then using “SDF Reader” on the local files.
For other file types excel/csv/file readers they allow to add a file system connection port and then be able to access remote files that way, but the “SDF Reader” “Click to modify ports” dots don’t seem to do anything.
Is it planed to add such functionality in the future?

I know there is an option to access web hosted files with “SDF reader” by setting the file path to file:/ and then setting the urls property in the “Flow Variables” tab. Is there a way to do something similar but with FTP files?

Hoping to hear back soon, Andrievs.

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Hi Andrievs,

The SDF Reader hasn’t got all the new shiny a file system connection update yet. But it will. The ticket number is AP-13857 (for internal reference only).

For the time being, I am afraid that your workaround is the best option.


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