Using Silhouhette in KNIME

Hello everybody,

I want to use Silhouhette from this extension:

How can I install it in knime ?

thanks in advance

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Hi @Enigma2018,

You can find information about how to install new extensions here:


But this is normal Extension not from Github !

I guess you have to download it from Github and use it as local update site.

Wann wird die Silouhette Feature verfügbar ?
Ich kann leider nur noch eine Woche warten :smile:

Which feature do you mean? The one you have linked above is not a feature we (KNIME) have made. This has been made by an external user, you can use it as it is by downloading it from Github and embedding it as an update site in KNIME.

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There won’t be a Silhouette node provided by KNIME within the next week, sorry :sweat_smile:


I just used the Loop_over solution you shared in an other topic.
How can I get the optimal number of clusters from the entropy and normalised entropy values ?

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Thanks for clarifying :smiley:

You probably mean this one How to determine the optimal number of clusters?

Usually the rule is: The lower the entropy, the better.


you mean normalized entropy or the entropy?
Because the problem is that the lowsest entropy is always the one with the highest number of clusters

Not necessarily, in this example workflow it is not the case.

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May be It’s because of the class column.
Because in my fall I don’t have a class column. I have just avgSpeed and AvgCount as field for K-means.
So I can’t choose in the Entropy Scorer any Reference Column :frowning:
What do you think ? Is there an other solution for it ?

Thanks a lot SimonS!

Now we are back at the problem before which has also been discussed here How to determine the optimal number of clusters?. Currently, there is no KNIME node which can do this, you would need to build a workflow which performs the Elbow or Silhouette (or any other) method.

I apologize for not providing detailed instructions on how to install it. You need to download the linked update site from the release.

You probably need to follow similar steps to my other extension, I wrote a bit more details here and there.

I appreciate feedback.


Thanks Aborg !
what is the easiest way to do it with knime without installing it?

I hope installing it is easier and faster than constructing a meta node for this task in KNIME :slight_smile: , but I assume there are packages in R/Python/Julia for that, which you can use from KNIME through other extensions. (If you need other measure than Euclidean, you need other tool I will try to find time to add Cosine measure during the holidays, but cannot promise anything yet.)

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