Using Tika Parser node to parse *.MD files (text markdown)?

Hi All,

Is there any way to get the Tika Parser node to parse markdown files in a directory?

These files contain text but are named *.MD - i can’t find this pattern in the file extension list, and ‘text/plain’ doesn’t pick that files up from the MIME-Type list.

Many thanks,


Hi @Mirri,

would it be an option for you to rename the *.md files to *.txt files (for example with this workflow: Rename Files – KNIME Hub) and then use the TIKA Parser? You could also copy them to a temporary location while renaming, so you don’t change your source files.

In case you are using the Tika Parser URL Input – KNIME Hub, I suggest to download the *.md files and save them in a (temporary) folder as *.txt files, e.g. with the GET Request – KNIME Hub followed by a rename.

Hope that helps!
Best, Lukas


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