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Hi All,
I want to set the default date of my Date&Time widget to current date - 1 year (no time needed). I used a Create Date & Time Range node followed by a Date & Time shift to get the proper date, then a table row to variable node. When I try to use my variable for the default date in my widget, I get an error ‘Can’t parse date: 2019-12-15’.
Can someone help me to get this fixed?

Hi @Claire,

do the logs provide any further information? I could imagine that the node still expects time information, i.e. your flow variable would look like 2019-12-15T00:00:00

Hi Marten,

Not really. I have this in the log:
2020-12-15 15:06:45,491 : WARN : main : : Node : Date&Time Widget : 0:1846 : Errors loading flow variables into node : Can’t parse date: 2019-12-15


Hi @Claire and @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

i’ve just checked it. The issue is the String Variable as far as it is used as source for the Base column (Referece). I assume for the Base Column no string variables are allowed. If it is assigned as variable to the test column with setting as fixed date&time it could be a string and technically works.

In most cases the reference date is a date in the past and therefore it must be of type date. The issue is that for variables only Integer, double and strings types are allowed.

A workaround could be if you assign the Reference date as an additional column and refer to those column.


Just tested this, Date&Time Widget node does expect a flow variable value (type string) that contains date+time+timezone information. Just change the configuration of your create Date&Time Range node to create Date&Time with zone and it should work:

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Hi Marten,

It works much better thanks, I can set the default value.
But next question: I get now the time and time zone in the display. Is there a way to hide them? Same question for the Date label. I’m just interested by the calendar.

Thanks a lot,

Hi again…,

I got it, I was able to hide the time and time zone just by using ‘Date’ in the type. Now, I would like to know if I can remove the ‘Date’ label.


You could use CSS editor to hide that label and then use the custom CSS in the Date Widget node via flow variable configuration:

For further reference on the different CSS classes per node:

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