Using Variables with Cell Splitter By Position node

Hi, this is not the only node that I have experienced this issue, but often if I have a populated value supplied for a variable it does not let you close or execute the node from the configuration pane claiming that it is missing the details. Specifically in this case I have two CSV strings with indexes and column names both being used for SplitPoints and NewColNames, however when I try and close or exit the node it tells me "Invalid settings: Pleaes specify split points". can anyone confirm / elaborate on this? Thanks!

Dear Jeffrey,

this is due to the fact that the variables values are not available when you configure the node. The node only knows there is a variable named z and it does have a type y. So when you close the configuration panel, it still checks the values as indicated in the "normal" configuration tab.

Hence, you unfortunately will need to make a working configuration first. Which will never be used, because it will always directly use the configuration as you chose from the flow variables.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will work on this,

best, Iris

Noted, thank you.