Using widget to categorize lines

Hello Community,

i’m getting from my database a table:

start end comment
18.03.2022 00:00:00 18.03.2022 00:00:00 start
18.03.2022 00:05:00 18.03.2022 00:10:00 running
18.03.2022 00:30:00 18.03.2022 00:45:00 break
18.03.2022 01:00:00 18.03.2022 01:10:00 changeover

I want to create an additional column (status) where i can choose for each row a category as a drop down (widget???).
These list (the source for the drop down) schould be editable.
So i can calculate the diff between start <=> end and summing over “status”.

Is it possible?
I’m using Knime 4.5.0 and i can run it on Knime- Server…

Best regardts, Alin

Transforming Start and End into a date&time type would allow you to use the Date&Time Difference node. This will calculate the difference for you.

Could you provide more details for “summing over status” ?

As for widgets, The Wonderful World of Widgets! A Mini-Guide for using KNIME Widget Nodes | KNIME may help point you in the right direction.

Hello Victor,
the problem is not to calculate the difference.
I want to set a flag for each line, so i can group values to this flag…

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