Using Workflows from external code

Hi everybody,
I trained some classifiers using KNIME workflows, is it possible to use them (the workflows, or the trained classifiers) from an external code?
Or, is it possible to export the workflow as an executable jar ?

Thank you very much

There is the possibility to run a KNIME workflow in batch mode, see
Hope that helps,


Thank you for your interesting answer Fabian,
however it seems to be only for executing the KNIME application in batch mode. I’d like to know if is it possible to embed it into a my own java application, and then, executing a saved workflow…

Thank you again

The reason why we need to start Eclipse is for the plug-in loading mechanism with the correct classloader etc. This gives us the possiblity to register new nodes from external plug-ins. However, if you are also developing an RCP you can of course use the KNIME plug-ins and try to load a workflow with the WorkflowManager#load() method. If you are not developing an RCP you can still run the batch command from within Java, using the Runtime#exec method. Though this gives you definitively less or no control over the workflow. Does this somehow helps you?

Thank you Fabian.
Is there any example application about developing RCP for using KNIME plugins?

No, we are sorry. Currently we concentrate on developing KNIME as an RCP but unfortunately we have little experience with other RCPs using KNIME. Best,