UX improvement proposal - Node number not visible when changing the node comment

When commenting a node (free text under the node), the normally visible node reference number disappears (replaced by the comment).
This prevents easy debugging as log file and console window continue to reference the number. In complex but commented workflows, it is sometimes complicated to find to which node the warning or error in the console is linked (as it is needed to open the configuration window to see the reference numner).
A potential solution could be to offer optionally the possibility to keep the number together with the comment.

Hi szawadski,

It’s possible to display both the node comment and the node ID via the menu bar: Node > Show Node IDs (also accessible via the toolbar). Here, the node ID is appended to the node’s title. This should come pretty close to the solution you proposed and hopefully meets your requirements :slight_smile:.



This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the tip!


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