Value missing in CSV Reader?

Hi all,

I built a workflow to read all *.csv files in a folder into one file. The columns headers are all the same.

The CSV Reader node is setup as:

However, there is only one value missing from the output that exists in the input file:

I have confirmed that similar values are formatted exactly the same. Yet the others appear and this single value does not.

Does anyone know why this happens?

BTW, I created the same workflow using *.xls files as input and all values a present in the output, so it seems to be an issue with the CSV Reader.

Thanks for you help!

As a common recommendation try File Reader node instead of SCV one. Also, to identify the issue it would be useful to have the data you try to load (at least a problematic line). Another advice is to play with coding table on Encoding tab.


Thank you, izaychik63. Switching to the File Reader node solved the problem.

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