Value selection configuration node - issue with Spec - Columns view

Hello guys,

Im working in a workflow where I will be using the “Value selection configuration node”, but this node isn’t showing all columns for filtering; after further review I found out that the issue is because somehow in the Specs - Column view of my table has missing values, but my actual table doesn’t, Im attaching the samples images of what im saying.

I made a test, and instead of using my data table with more than 1MM lines, I created an small table with just few lines and all the same columns, and then it worked just fine, all columns were available for using in on the Value selection node.

My question here is there a Way the Specs - column view can take the values of my huge table and do not show the missings?

sample configuration in Value selection, showing columns only for values that werent missing in data specs so the node value selection configuration node works for all colums?

Hi there @GQRanalytics,

Value Selection Configuration node doesn’t show columns which have more than 60 unique values. With Domain Calculator you can work around this.

Here this is explained nicely:



Thank you su much it fixed the issue :):slight_smile:

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