Variable Consolidation


I would like for all of my variables in my workflow to change with just one click.

For instance in this current workflow I have one variable going to the row filter node which I have designated 01. Then I have another file path variable which I have also designated 01 going to the excel writer.

Is there a way that I can edit this so that when I choose 01 it would update this in both the row filter and excel writer node?


Hi @rparr009 ,

try the Merge Variable Node like this

Greetings, Brotfahrer

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Hmm… for some reason I am still having to change it in both areas.

Any idea?

How can I share my full work flow?

Sorry, I think, I misunderstod you. You want the change of the flow variable in Node 18 in Node 266 too, right? If so, then try to connect the flow variable output of Node 18 to the top (non showen) flow variable input port of Node 266

If you need you can edit your Flow Variable with a Rulen Engine Node (Variable) in the Flow Variable connection after Node 266.

I hope I got your problem now.

Greetings, Brotfahrer


Hello @rparr009,

have you found a way? If I got it right you should have a node where you provide needed input - String Configuration for example (or Table Creator) and there you can input 01, 02 or whatever input you need. Then modify variables according to that input.

See here how to share workflows:



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