variable loop, duplicating row ID

Dear All,
First I’m a very beginner in knime.

I’ve those data (super simplified, obviously)


and basically I want to create a new column based on an other table, that countains all variable.

I’ve variables like


and a varible loop, and then 3 rule engines like this


with control of new column name from variable


The expected result may look like an unpivot, but it won’t be the case in file project since rule engine may be a way more complicated (I’ve simplified for sharing).

my problem is:
the loop is creating new rows at each new loop instead of using the row in the starting table.

Can you have a look at it and tell me where is the error ? thank you.

Test_Loop.knwf (15.8 KB)

Hi @Zarkoff95 welcome to KNIME forum

I made a small modification to your workflow Test_Loop 2.knwf (40.9 KB).

I changed the loop end with a Column Append Loop End node, added a Column Filter node. And then Append the original table to your results. Is this where you are looking for?
gr. Hans


@HansS That’s perfect, thank you very much for your help.


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