Variable or dynamic Excel path/URL

Hello everyone,

Good day. Would I be able to do this in KNIME?

Say, I have an Excel reader and URL is C:\Me\Month_01\Excel for month

My question is, would I be able to change “01” in KNIME workflow depending on the month I want?
Example, from “01” to “08”.

Hope this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. It’s because I have various excel files stored in folders depending on the month they are received. However, they all look the same.


Hi @Ana914 -

The new Excel Reader node in KNIME AP 4.3 should be able to do this on its own if you provide specific options in the dialog:

If you need to to this manually for some reason, here’s an example of what a dummy workflow might look like for your case.


How can for just do it once iteration but sorting by the last row id? or leave only the last one path?

Hi @OscarMarin . Welcome to the forum!

Are you referring to the above example workflow with a loop? If you are wanting to do only one iteration, then presumably you wouldn’t want a loop, so if you can say what it is you are trying to achieve, then we can probably help you better with answering your question.

(Unless the question is specifically related to dynamic paths with Excel, it would be better to start it as a new post - maybe referring to this one - as that way it won’t cause confusion for others in the future :wink: )

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