variable workflow annotions

I use workflow annotions to document the perfomance of knodes with e.g. the correlation coefficent. If I test several combinations (selection of columns, selection of rows, misc parameters), I have to open the “Linear Correlation” knode or open the output table. If I want to compare lets say 10 combinations I have to do it 10 times and have to enter the correlation coefficent 10 times next to the nodes. Then I can compare the perfomance with few blinks.

My question (feature request):
It is possible to write data direct into a workflow annotation (using a variable or similar)? It would only be useful for small amounts of data but I would like it very much.
Addition: Is it possible to write special data (correlation coefficent, accuracy,…) next to the node that has calculated the data.


It’s an interesting idea; this data which you would be wanting to display in an annotation would be table data from the node, or it would be interpreted from the table data through some further calculation, or would be one or more flow variables, or ?

I am not sure what the the easiest way to implement or to use for all the nodes. Maybe the flow variable is the way to go.

Hmmm - i’m asking about what you envisioned for your specific use case - today you have a node that you use that you have in mind for this use case. Given what that node emits presently, what of that (is it table data, is it a subset or transformation of the table data, is it flow, …?) would you use to populate the annotation?

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