Variables:differences between older nodes then new noldes (V4.3)

Hello team,

I have some work flows which I use list of Files and Excel reader to handle a loop reader of several Excel files, but since version 4.3 I noticed that some nodes can not read the file path as variable whenever it arrive at they as a string (maybe it only accept path type). Bellow a sample that we could do in 4.3 prior version and which is not possible to do with some new nodes (e.g. list of files and excel reader).
Is there some reason for this change?

sample, first line works, but second line with new nodes doesn’t.

older list of file:

new one:

Starting with version 4.3 most (but not all, yet) nodes have been switched over to using the new Path variable type.

I’d recommend checking out the File Handling Guide for more information.


Hello @rafaelfre,

might wanna check out option Files in folder from Excel Reader to read multiple files without loop :wink:



Yes, I have to control my brain to not use loop…lol



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